Membership Information

Mickleton Gardening Club is affiliated to The Royal Horticultural Society and the Gloucestershire Federation of Gardening Societies.

Membership costs £15 per year and includes free entry (and a cup of tea or coffee) to all out talks over the year. Visitors are welcome to come and see what we do for a visitor fee of £3 per event.

In addition with your gardening club membership you can secure discounts from the following local business on presentation of your membership card prior to purchase:

  • Batsford Arboretum and Garden Centre (5% discount on plants)

  • Hidcote Garden Centre  (10% discount)

  • Evesham Country Park Garden Centre  (10% discount on all non-discounted stock including the home section)

  • Stratford Garden Centre  - You will also need to join their own Gardening Club for data protection reasons. (10% on plants)

  • Blenheim Nursery -  half price loyalty card to garden club members, £5 instead of £10 valid on plants and in the cafe

  • Topps Plants (10% discount)

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Club Constitution

1 NAME: 

The name of the Club shall be Mickleton Gardening Club.



The Club shall be for the benefit of all who are interested in gardening and horticultural produce in the village of Mickleton and surrounding area.


In accordance with the above, the Club, through its elected Officers and Committee , shall have the following powers:


  • To invite visitors from other Clubs to join the members for certain events;

  • To set the amount of the annual subscription;

  • To use money received by the Club to pay all expenses of administration and use the residue for the benefit of all members;

  • To raise additional funds from other persons or organisations as and when appropriate.


  • Membership shall be open to all adults who wish to join and who have paid their subscriptions;

  • Visitors: Should attend no more than 2 meetings to assess their interest in the Club before joining as a full member;

  • If a member cancels, without 48 hours’ notice, a booking for a Club event e.g. a garden visit, the Club reserves the right to retain all of the monies paid.


Shall be due on the first meeting of each year and normally will be collected by the end of the next month. Any change in annual subscription may only be approved by the Committee. Membership shall lapse automatically if the subscription remains unpaid.



  • Meetings, outings and other events shall be held throughout the year;

  • The Annual General Meeting of the Club will be held on or around each November to receive the reports of Officers, to approve the examined accounts and to elect Officers and Committee for the following year.


  • The affairs of the Club shall be governed by the Officers and Committee who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting when they shall be eligible for re-election;

  • The Chairman/men would not normally serve for more than 3 years, but in the event of no one coming forward to be Chairman/men, the current Chairman/men may act up to one more year;

  • The Committee can elect a Deputy Chairman from within their number;

  • If any Officer resigns during the year, the Committee shall have the powers to appoint a replacement until the next Annual General Meeting, when they must present themselves for re-election by members of the Club.

  • The Officers of the Club shall consist of: Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer;

  • The Chairman is to be nominated and elected by members before the Committee is elected;

  • The Committee shall have the power to co-opt other members, but the total number of Committee is not to exceed eight/nine plus the four/three Officers (twelve in total);

  • The Committee may recommend to the Annual General Meeting, the election of “Patrons of the Club” for exceptional services;

  • Nominations for the election of members to the Committee shall be made in writing, signed by at least two members of the Club and delivered to the Secretary at or before the Annual General Meeting. The consent of the nominee is required on the nomination form. If the nominees exceed the number to be elected, then a ballot shall take place at the meeting;

  • The Committee shall have the powers to co-opt other members, or set up sub-committees, for the benefit of planning specific events e.g. annual Shows;

  • The Committee will be responsible for adopting new policy, codes of practice and rules that affect the organisation of the Club e.g. General Data Protection Regulation 2018;

  • All monies at any time belonging to the Club and not required for immediate application for its purposes could be invested by the Committee as it thinks fit, subject nevertheless to such authority, for approval or consent, as may for the time being be required by law.


The Honorary Secretary shall keep proper Minutes of the Annual General Meeting and ordinary Committee Meetings which shall be read and circulated and, if confirmed, signed by the Chairman/men at the next such meeting



  • The Honorary Treasurer shall keep accounts in proper books and produce them at any time when called upon by the Committee. The Club’s financial year shall end on 30th September every year. The Accounts should be examined by a competent, independent person (Auditor);

  • The person acting as ‘Auditor’ shall be appointed at each Annual General Meeting and hold office until the close of the following Annual General Meeting;

  • The Treasurer shall prepare and submit a paper and Statement of Accounts at each Annual General Meeting;

  • The Treasurer, with responsibility for all financial aspects of the Club, including insurance, shall bank all monies in the name of the Club;

  • All cheques will be signed by any two of three designated signatories.



  • A quorum for an Annual General Meeting shall consist of not less than 15 members;

  • A quorum for a Committee Meeting shall be not less than 50% of its members


An Extra-Ordinary Meeting may be convened at any time by the Committee or by written request to the Honorary Secretary, signed by not less than 15 members. Such requests shall clearly state the objectives of the meeting which shall be called by the Honorary Secretary within 21 days after a minimum notice of 14 days given, either by public notice in Mickleton or by individual notice to members.


The Constitution may be amended by members present at an Annual or Extra-Ordinary General Meeting. A two-thirds majority is required and the proposed amendment shall be notified to all members at the Club meeting, no later than a month before the Annual General Meeting. Any members not present at that meeting will then be contacted separately.



We believe that gardens and gardening, in all its forms, should be accessible and enjoyed by everyone and that all individuals should be treated with dignity and respect and be part of an environment that is free from barriers or discrimination, regardless of age, race (which includes colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins), religion, philosophical belief or lack of belief, sex, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership, disability, pregnancy and maternity.


In the event of the Club being disbanded, an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting shall be called, where all debts, expenses and liabilities incurred by the club must be discharged. Any balance of assets shall be donated to charitable causes chosen by the Committee at that time, as being relevant to local needs benefiting the village and people of Mickleton. The presentation cups and salver to be given to King George’s Hall, Mickleton, to display, or held in trust by them, ready for the formation in future of a club similar to the Gardening Club in Mickleton. The Playing Field Cup, loaned to Mickleton Gardening Club, must be returned to the Mickleton Playing Fields Association.

You can download the constitution here