Show Hints and Tips

Here are some helpful hints and tips to allow you to make sure your exhibits are looking at their very best on the day of the show. 

Make sure you transport your exhibits safely on the day of the show so that they can't fall over and be damaged. Always bring some spare flowers with you in case of a crisis when setting up.

Advice from the Daffodil Society on showing your Narcissi can be found here 

Don't worry about the comments about moss, our show is less formal and you can use a vase or container of your choice to display your blooms.

If you're entering the floating flower head class make sure that the petals of your flower don't touch the edge of your container.

Never arranged flowers before? There's a great guide here for some inspiration and some basic guidelines below

  • Cut stems at an angle, as this will allow more water to enter the stem.

  • When picking garden flowers on a warm day, it's best to take a container filled with water to put them in, otherwise their stems close quickly in the heat. 

  • Pick flowers in the early morning or after 5pm when they're filled with water 

  • In arrangements using just a few flowers, an odd number is usually more pleasing.

  • In arrangements with foliage have a look round your garden to see what you can find -  ivy, box, cherry laurel, holly, and ferns can all look effective.

  • Use "Instant Oasis" and allow it to soak completely. This can take well over an hour! Tape to bowl if necessary.

  • Remove all leaves that might be under water to avoid contamination. This also allows water to go directly to the flower. 

  • Start with foliage to form the shape of the arrangement. Next add the flowers using the buds at the top and the larger flowers below. Lighter colors above and darker below. No two flowers should be at the same height!

  • Usually your arrangement should be about 1 ½ times the height of the container, but guidelines are made to be broken.

You don't need fancy or expensive vases, jam jars, glasses and milk bottles have all been used successfully in the past. Charity shops can be a good source of inexpensive vases if you're looking for something different too.